Guest Post: Coffee, Kayaking, and Triumph of the Day Date


Today we have a guest post from my friend, Becky! Thank you so much Becky for sharing about your day last weekend. I need to plan to get out to Bladensburg Waterfront Park asap! If any of my readers have a post to share, please contact me. 🙂 Lisa 

Do you ever feel the weekend crunch and get anxious just thinking about the pressure you put on yourself to accomplish so much in one weekend: relaxation, connection with family and friends, date night, to-do lists around the house, commitments, obligations?

If you are anything like me:
Friday night you want to relax after the long week, keeping plans loose…Cheverly pool Zumba is about as much as you are willing to commit to in advance.

Saturday, you feel the pressure to be both productive and relaxed all at the same time.

Sunday is full of church/family time and then by Sunday evening the week is pressing in again….

Well if you too have gotten in to this pattern you’ll know the feeling of being exhausted on Saturday evening after a day spent in the yard working/or doing other necessary tasks, around the exact time the babysitter is due to arrive.  A date should be fun, and why not prioritize it by putting the date first on your calendar of events for the day!  Enter the day-date!  My husband and I finally attempted this plan for the first time this past weekend and now I’m hooked.  Why haven’t we always done this?  Well the truth is we did…you know when we were young and single and free.  We used to go on all sorts of day dates, and now that we know this is clearly a better way to go, even with kids and babysitters in the picture, I’m never looking back.

Saturday’s Schedule:

7 am: The kids were up like usual, we were able to relax together as a family early, get a few things accomplished, feed the kids breakfast etc.

9:30 am:  I put the baby down for his morning nap and THAT is when the babysitter arrived.  No bedtime routines to run through, no meltdowns from the kids.  One sleeping baby, and now a toddler entertaining babysitter had arrived with the only rules of the day being- have fun and enjoy the day together with the toddler while baby sleeps, we left our cell #s and then we were off, stress-free, as well rested as any parents of young children can hope to be, with what felt like the entire sunny day at our disposal.

9:45 am:  First stop on the day, Vigilante Coffee just a short jaunt up Rt 1 into Hyattsville.  Cold Brew for him, a classic cappuccino for me along with one of their delightful sea salt chocolate chip cookies warmed up and served on the side.  We enjoyed the hip Hyattsville scene and remarked how we didn’t have to fight for parking like we would have if we went in to the city to hit up our old hood of Capitol hill.  The coffee shop was buzzing but not crowded and the service and coffee can never be beat!  We sipped, we chatted, we relaxed.  You can’t ask for much more than a leisurely Saturday morning coffee for this sleep deprived parental pair!

10:30 am:  On our way to the Boathouse we pass by Shortcake Bakery, owned and operated by Cheverly’s own Cheryl Harrington.  I’d heard about it before, some new-moms in the neighborhood had recently met up here and I’d had to miss because of a conflicting appointment but the bright pink painted brick exterior beckoned and we just had to stop in!  My husband is never one to turn down a sweet treat so we popped in and he grabbed a delicious guava pastry, and I looked around making note of how large the sitting area is- great spot for a coffee with friends, grabbed a card and decided next time I need a cake and don’t have time to bake myself I won’t traipse all across the city for one ever again!

10: 45 am: We pulled into the Bladensburg Waterfront Park, found easy parking, popped in the boathouse to rent Kayaks and then hit the water.  (Disclaimer: we arrived just after a summer kayaking class started, so they were out of kayaks and we opted for the canoe instead but the staff advised us this was the first time they’d been out of kayaks).  In mere minutes, we paid the boat fee of $20 and signed a waiver and were off with the only instruction being “be back by 5pm”.  This is the kind of freedom and Saturday adventure we needed.  It was a steal of a deal and the weather was just perfect!


Sidenote: For the same boat on the same river, you’d pay this much for 1 hour of kayaking in Navy Yard at the Ballpark Boathouse.  You’d also have to fight crowds, parking etc.  Don’t believe me check their website for pricing.


We set out down the Anacostia River towards DC.  We saw blue heron, bald eagles, fish jumping and enjoyed the company of each other in what felt like an entire world away from the city or our little home, when in fact we were mere minutes away from both.  The lovely National Park Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens is only a leisurely one hour plus row away (2 miles from the boathouse).   The Aquatic Gardens are overflowing with beautiful lotus flowers currently so make sure to check them out by land or river soon and save the date for the Lotus Festival.

1:30 pm we were home in time to feed the baby lunch, and put the toddler down for a nap and start on our own afternoon to-dos, but we were relaxed and connected having spent an entire morning together enjoying the local scene and not wasting even a minute on city traffic.    Day date # 1 was worth it and I can’t wait for our next adventure together.

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