Friday Night in the Chev!


This is why I choose Cheverly. It’s not that we have the largest pool with the cleanest changing rooms and luxury loungers (HA) but we do have a ton of fun. Look at all that happened on Friday night in our town. Aqua Zumba took place and everyone danced their hearts out in the pool throwing around huge inflated zumba balls. Different groups of people had dinner together (including a local fitness group, Bozwell Fitness) while the volleyball team was playing a game. If you are not serving your community in some way then do so now. It’s part of what makes living here so much fun. And if you don’t know anyone yet, reach out over the listserv. Grab your neighbors and cook out at the pool like I did last night. Fire up the grill. The pool provides charcoal and you bring your own meat. Can it get any better than that?! The ways to get to know people are endless but the summer at the pool sure does promote community. Join us tomorrow for the 4th of July at the pool or come on Friday night for Zumba at 7pm.

On another note, the real estate market in Cheverly is strong. This is what a local realtor told me about a recent house sale that he made: Yes, we had multiple offers that were really strong. Ultimately because of the holiday weekend we decided to wrap it up last night thinking it was the best course of action.
The Cheverly market has been really hot in 2017 for sure. Hope to have another listing hitting the market in 2 weeks – keep your eyes open!

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