Why I Choose Cheverly

There is a book in the Bible that is called Proverbs. It’s often called the “wisdom book” and it contains many beautiful truths that have been helpful for my own life. With my constant obsession for homes, I need to remind myself of Proverbs 27:20, “the eyes of man are never satisfied.” I grew up as the middle child in a family of three girls. We were constantly changing rooms and I was constantly changing the furniture around in whatever room I was living in. My husband and close friends know that I still do the same thing today. Until recently, I had new furniture arrangements every week and people would constantly comment that the house was different every time they would stop over. Can you relate? I tell you this to justify my desire for change. If I could move into a new home every year, I’d probably do it. And if the move wasn’t possible, it would be my current home that would need to change; I’d need to add a deck or start some new project. All of this adds to my crazy need to look at homes all the time (which I tend to blog about here and there). Last weekend Tim and I were invited to meet some friends in Chevy Chase. Arriving 15 minutes early I insisted that we drive down every street close to our destination to look at homes. Of course, they were all amazing and I knew that if we moved there then our lives would be perfect. I mean, we’d be happy all the time. (HA) The very next day I found this home online:


And with my husband’s permission I drove to see it in person. Isn’t it beautiful? Quite honestly, we could buy it if we wanted it so it made me really start thinking… What is it that makes us stay in Cheverly? And after I thought about it for a minute, I resolved to go home and paint my door black. (which I did) Here I go:
I love that in Cheverly on a random night, we will have a neighbor over for dinner just because they stopped by to say hi! (and they would do the same for us- sorry about the color of this photo)


I love that my friends drop everything to come over when they hear that your children are having a cookie sale in front of their house:


I love that on the 4th of July my neighbors open their homes to Syrian refugee families and even have a translator to communicate with them about why we are so excited that they are in America: (and they put on a firework show with sparklers and American flags and water balloons to boot!)


And I love that when a friend of ours has to move to another area in the city that is more accessible for her handicapped boy, she immediately has a number of neighbors who manicure her lawn and arrive to help clean her house:


And of course there is the Cheverly Club:


With Aqua Zumba where we all get wild and crazy (with all our neighbors) on Friday nights:


And Friday night picnic dinners…did I mention that?!


And I could go on and on… but these are just a few of the reasons why I could not leave our precious town. Besides, the eyes of man are never satisfied, no matter what your house you are living in!  And mine is pretty great. Besides, I have relationships in Cheverly that money could never buy. xoxo

ps- Why do you choose Cheverly? Comment below.

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  1. Aimee says:

    I have a working theory that the housing stock in Cheverly actually promotes exactly the kinds of relationships you describe above. In general, homes are modest in size and have smaller rooms v. large open floor plans. Also, few homes have garages that are large enough for people to drive into the garage and enter the house without going outside. Thus, we, out of necessity, socialize outside and in the community–we meet at parks and the pool. Our kids ride up and down the street instead of up and down their own driveways. We shovel snow together because it benefits everyone if there are enough on-street parking spaces cleared of snow. I wouldn’t trade all that you captured above for a driveway in a million years! (Though I must admit I do dream of a bump out addition to create an open floor plan!!)

  2. lisawink2014 says:

    Love this Aimee. Very insightful.

    1. laurasoo says:

      Yes!! This could be it’s own post.

      Also add that houses are close together (long lots instead of wide lots).

  3. Amy says:

    The community. The opportunity. The values. The friends are family mentality. The hospitality. The small town feel in an area where knowing your neighbor isn’t always a given. It’s kinda the best town around … seriously.

  4. KNadeau says:

    I love that we have developed a circle of friends just by amazing people introducing us to other amazing people. I love that even though we don’t have children we know the names of all our neighbors kids because we see them running between houses playing together.

    We have lived in 3 states in 8 years and we have never known our neighbors, much less had a solid community of people who we can rely on in a moments notice (and they can of us as well).

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