I Chose Wisconsin and Now I’m Back :)

For three weeks during this past month I Chose Wisconsin. True. It’s true. And how could I not? The high temps reached the mid 70’s and I got to go fishing everyday. We took my parents boat to different restaurants on the lake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We toured a 8,000 cow dairy farm. We visited my favorite goat farm so I could have goat cheese curds and goat milk ice cream. There was no traffic, everyone was friendly and McDonalds ice cream cones were only 59 cents. Housing was affordable and so were restaurant prices, clothes and hair cuts. I was even treated to free Smores at an outdoor restaurant we ate at one night. I discovered that I am indeed, one thrifty woman. Nothing gets me more excited than saving money. I remember the exact prices of our meals, of homes that I googled and of the clothes and jewelry at the boutiques I visited. I did not walk to come back.


The moment my family got off the plane I could feel the tension of the people walking around. We waited in line for a cab. The cab almost hit another cab. Horns were honking and people were rushed. Everyone around here seems to be doing something important and most people (not all) seem a little on edge. I discussed this with two friends who had the exact same thoughts. One just got back from Georgia and another from Ohio. We spoke about the land we could own or homes we could own if we lived in the mid-west. I can’t tell you the number of times my dad said, “with your salaries you could live like queens and kings here.”

Obviously there is so much more I could share about this but I have always tried to keep my posts short. If you are still reading, I’m amazed.

Because I’m so thrifty, Cheverly is a perfect place for me. I can have a decent sized home for half of what it would cost me to buy in Virginia. I get the advantages of having a safe neighborhood with a small town (mid-west) feel, and I can chill out at the pool…which is what we did right when we returned.


Because I am such a thrifter and obsessed with real estate, I’m always looking at the prices. Look at this home which is on the market right now in Chevelry:


It is 3288 sq ft. and is on the market for 425. No joke. This is what you could get for 425K in our neighboring Brookland:


A major fixer upper that is 1064 sq ft for 410. I mean seriously, how can you compare? I wish I could show you more about this home, but they only put two pics online.

So the thrifter that I am, I will choose to stay in Cheverly and enjoy the mid-west community feel. I’m almost 100% sure that Chev will extend my life. It’s good to be back friends, thank you for being patient with me as I’ve taken a break. Xoxo, Lisa

ps- Did you know that a new bakery is coming to Hyattsville?! Check out the news… http://hyattsvillelife.com/dc-sweet-potato-cake-sprouts-up-in-hyattsville-bakery-to-reopen-on-rt-1/






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