Do You Like People?! Cheverly Is The Place For You.

I have to admit that I had some serious Cheverly burnout this summer. Why? Because even though I might appear to be an extrovert, there are times when I feel incredibly introverted and would rather be by myself :). Now that doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen when I get on “people overload”.  (aka, when there is too much going on!) And let me tell you, there is always something going on in our town. If you like people, Cheverly is the place for you.


Because I just got back from my I Choose Wisconsin vacation I feel my extroverted self coming back again. For my readers who are considering moving to Cheverly but think “oh, it might be a sleepy little town” brace yourself for what I’m about to tell you. This weekend is a doozy. There are a number of things happening not only this weekend but coming up this month and heck, even this fall. If you would like to make some friends, show up at some of this stuff.

Join the Cheverly Parent Resource Center group for an evening Taco potluck tonight. Dragons Love Tacos Potluck tomorrow night from 5-7pm.  CPRC will supply meat, veggies, beans and rice – you bring the taco shells and toppings!  

Saturday morning the Cheverly Community Market will be in full swing.  Local librarians will be reading books to the kids at 10:30.


Children’s clothing swap will take place on Sunday at the Community Center and a family service project will be happening that evening.

Fall Yoga is starting up, Greenleaf Fitness is offering local private training and classes as well, Bowell Fitness has a group of classes meeting a couple times a week, there is a Cheverly running group, Volleyball group, a board gaming group, a wine tasting group, a monthly potluck group… you name it. Cheverly has it.


A couple exciting events are coming up this month:

Sept 30th from 8-11 the Legion has annother music series happening.

The St. Ambrose Men’s Club has a golf tournament coming up on Sat. Sept 29th.

unnamed (1).jpg

St. Ambrose also has an all you can eat and drink crab feast on Sept 30th from 4-8.

And there is so much more…So no excuses to stay home this month!




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