Empty Streets? Not in Cheverly.


Check out what a German journalist wrote about his time living in America. He spent two years in Bethesda and here are his thoughts:

What two Years living in America taught me…

Empty Streets

I liked living in our neighborhood. We had great neighbors and the one’s next door quickly became our friends. It’s often said that relationships in the United States are superficial, but that wasn’t out experience.

Nevertheless, the emptiness and sterility of the streets often got to me. Something was missing: vibrancy, public life and the feeling that a neighborhood is something that actually gets used and isn’t just some movie set. Our neighbor Craig says that many Americans prefer to stay home because they have become comfortable, immobile. Because everything can be ordered online. Because air conditioning makes things so much more comfortable than the real weather outside. Because cars have become a second home for many. “We’re complacent,” Craig says. But is that really it?

The same day that I read this article I saw the pictures above posted on Facebook. My friend who posted them grew up in Cheverly and now lives here as an adult with her children. She is a big part of what makes Cheverly a great community. Last weekend her block had a block party which included an egg toss :).  This is what people do in Cheverly. In Cheverly we don’t have empty streets or empty backyards. I’m so sorry that this German journalist didn’t move to Cheverly. If he did, his impression about American neighborhoods would be quite different. And this is why I Choose Cheverly.

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