Going, going, gone


I can finally talk about this house. It sold. Gone, gone, gone. Congrats to the lucky winner. I want to get to know you so I can have drinks outside on the deck and sit inside the main room to enjoy the fireplace this winter.

I went to the open house on Sunday. The home is lovely. I freaked out a bit and made my husband go and see it. Then I took a co-worker of mine on Monday and went again with my husband on Tuesday morning. I really really really wanted this house. There are so many things going for this home.

At the end I decided not to move out of my own lovely home on Cheverly Ave. I did talk to the listing agent who just happens to be my own realtor about the house. Apparently my realtor (who is Jason Townsend btw) prints out 100 open house brochures when he sells Capitol Hill homes. They are always gone. For this house he printed out 60 and they were gone. In fact, he could have had more. The open house went from 1-4:30…it was supposed to be only until 3. There was definitely a buzz and huge interest in this home. In the end 7 people bid on it and rumor has it that it sold for 452 (but I can’t confirm). Listing price was 429.

What does this tell me about Cheverly? 1) People are taking notice of our lovely town. 2) If you have some space and/or unique features, your home will most likely sell fast. 3) It pays to have your home staged. Apparently this house was full of stuff and Jason’s crew made it look lovely. It would have gone for less if they just left their stuff there for the showing and 4) If I had a small house in Cheverly (we are talking 1500 sq ft) that I bought for 300 or less, I’d consider adding an addition. It will pay off in the end for you and you can enjoy the home more while you live there.

That’s just my two cents. I’m glad this house sold and I’m thankful the pictures of the house are off the internet… I don’t need to drool at it anymore 🙂

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  1. Hi! We are the buyers of this incredible house and we’re so excited to make it and Cheverly our home! As a huge midcentury fan (I own Something Vintage Rentals), this house couldn’t be more perfect. We have been staking houses in Cheverly for over a year until we found one big enough for our hoarding tendencies! My husband Zach and I have a 4 month old daughter, 1.5 month old son, a pug, and cat who are excited to have a yard and safe neighborhood with an active community. We are selling our house in Columbia Heights and are looking forward to new Cheverly friends– including you! We are hoping Cheverly is as awesome as we’ve heard and can’t wait to be involved! (Yes, I’m so excited that I just went through this post and changed a couple exclamation points to periods so I seem like a rational neighbor:)). Yay, Cheverly!

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