Let’s Talk About Tonight- Cheverly’s Green Space


Oh my word. I love these photos of my boys. They look so tiny. I made my youngest wear the huge hat because I was and still am a bit scared about the ticks in our area 🙂 Today I’m writing about Cheverly’s green space. I had been living in Cheverly for about 9 years before I knew that Cheverly had a walking trail. It’s not just any trail, it’s a mile walk from the Town Park (entrance is close to the basketball/tennis courts by the community center) all the way to the beginning of Cheverly Ave, close to the 7-11. Last night I had some friends over and to my surprise, they had never been on the trail. If you have never been on this trail, TAKE A WALK TODAY. After you do so, you might just understand why people are up in arms about some development planning to go into this space. A number of our long term residents work on the trial monthly. Did you know that? It’s amazing. And all of the trees are labeled and paths cleared. It’s a beautiful space.

Besides being a green space that countless people have worked on, why are so many people up in arms about this development? Don’t we want more development in our area? I do. I sure do. And my first question was, “Why not Tuxedo Road?” The answer, the developer already owns land on this green space in Cheverly and with our new sector plan, the developer is trying to get the county to approve building in this space. Mayor Mike has heard that they are wanting to put some apartments. When asked to see what type of apartments, the developer showed some pics like the buildings that just went up next to Busboys and Poets in Hyattsville. You know, I’m not opposed to those. I like them, in fact, and I’d love some mixed retail. Maybe a Starbucks or something?! Here’s the deal friends, the developer (if approved) will be able to build whatever he wants on the property. They might tell us, hey, we will bring a Whole Foods to Cheverly (for example) but apparently they can do what they want. So there are no guarantees- which is one major reason why I’m opposed to this plan.

I’ve heard from someone who works in the local political arena who said that there have been some new apartments built near the Landover Metro. They were made with much lower quality  than the same apartments that were built in another area (not Prince Georges County) by the same developer. I don’t want to see that happen for us. Let’s just say that if our Councilwoman approves this change to the sector plan than I will be banging on the door of the developers. Please comment below if any of this information is not correct or you want to add any information to what LITTLE I know and/or understand. This all happened so fast and many of us are lacking in information.

Here are the details about the meeting tonight:

Urgent ALERT from Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek

Your help is needed NOW to STOP a


Support the Mayor’s call for 100 people to attend a public

hearing to oppose an apartment complex

between Rt. 50 and Arbor Street


Monday, Nov. 6 at 7:00 PM

[Doors open 6 pm to view maps and talk with Planning Staff]

County Administration Building

14741 Gov. Oden Bowie Drive, Upper Marlboro

  • Carpool rides will leave at 5:15 and 6:00 pm from the Cheverly United Methodist Church parking lot at 2801 Cheverly Ave.
  • All are encouraged to wear a CHEVERLY DAY T-SHIRT to show unity. (Some extra shirts will be available to borrow.)


PLEASE RSVP TO: Joani Horchler c: 301-802-7445 or joani.horchler@gmail.com

MORE INFO:  Dan Smith c: 202-607-6224 or Gabe Horchler c: 301-789-8086

On Monday, Nov 6 at 7:00 pm, the County Council (sitting as the District Council) will hold a Joint Public Hearing with the County Planning Board to consider an outrageous amendment to the brand new Cheverly Sector Plan. The amendment is requested by First Oxford Corp., a development company seeking to build an apartment complex east of lower Cheverly Avenue between Rt. 50 and Arbor Street and continuing east on county lots between Rt. 50 and Cheverly Park Drive. This area includes designated FEMA Flood Plain, would have huge adverse impacts if developed as proposed, and our community has consistently shown a preference for this to be Green Space. Thousands of volunteer hours in hundreds of monthly work parties have been invested by area residents to restore this previously neglected area for wildlife habitat, water quality improvement, and to provide public and environmental health benefits, including a popular trail.

Following a two year process with three large public meetings, six advisory board meetings, and a joint public hearing in Upper Marlboro on March 28th, the Greater Cheverly Sector Plan was approved by the county Planning Board on June 22nd.  Only then, and well after the comment period had passed, First Oxford come forward with its misguided proposal and somehow obtained this extraordinary favor from the District Council (which neglected to inform any local official of the proposal) to hold a public hearing on their amendment with barely two weeks’ notice to this community.  (See Cheverly Nov. Newsletter now online at Cheverly-md.gov and other town notices for more from Mayor Callahan on this.)

KEEP CHEVERLY GREEN ­ Stop unfair, misguided development Oppose Amendment #1 to Greater Cheverly Sector Plan, Mon., Nov. 6th at 7:00 in Upper Marlboro.


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