Give Cheverly a Gift!

If you enjoy living in Cheverly then give the town a gift and buy a ticket to the Home Tour on Dec 9th. Now…If you love the town as much as I do, consider having a Home Tour party and invite all of your friends who you would like to move to our town. Boom! I’m having some friends from work come, my parents are driving out from West Virginia and I plan to advertise like crazy over Facebook to all of my DC friends. Here’s the deal: Cheverly has little to no press coverage (thankfully) and there are a lot of people in our area who don’t know about our lovely town. Here is your chance to show it off! Open your home to host your friends for Holiday drinks and appetizers and then enjoy a lovely evening viewing 6 homes. Remember that the Home Tour is a fundraiser for the youngest in our community- the Cheverly Weekday Nursery and you will receive food and drinks at every home! I leave you with a number of my favorite pictures from last year and this year’s homes:


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