Woodworth Trail. Thank You, Neighbors.


It’s the 23rd of the first month of the year 2018. I am sorry (or not so sorry) for my absence online. I had a crazy month in December–wait, full might be a better word and then went into the Christmas holiday with a bang, I mean…a hospital visit. I had a (according to our ER dr friend) 25% chance of leaving this world. My body went septic from an infection I had. When I checked into the ER at George Washington hospital the lady checking me in was from where?? Yep! You guessed it. The lady checking me in was from Cheverly. In the midst of the most horrific pain I’ve ever had, I told her about my blog 🙂 I don’t even know her name but if she is reading I must say THANK YOU. Community comes in handy when you have a near death experience. I could have had meals for a month or more, that is how willing people were to help. I just can’t over emphasize the gift of living in a gracious community. And speaking of community, I want to thank all of my neighbors who work on the trail in my pics above. If you haven’t walked on the Woodworth Trail from the Community Center to 7-11, you are missing out. A group of our neighbors keep it well groomed so that my family can enjoy the outdoors. It is this trail that the PG County Council is voting on today. (whether or not to build in this area) This past weekend when the weather started to change I brought my boys out of the house to discover nature once again. And they did, and it was lovely. So please go enjoy this trail. It has brought healing to my bones. xoxo, Lisa

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