Real Estate: A Home with Character


These are the type of homes I love! I love the built ins and all of the lovely details in this home. It has so much character and is going for 405! Someone needs to snatch this up. Fast. Did you hear that the last two homes I posted went quickly? It’s great news for Cheverly real estate.

Have you the other good news? Target is coming to Ivy City which is 4 miles from Cheverly. My boys will be jumping up and down because Target is their favorite store. This target boasts of  a CVS Pharmacy and a Starbucks. It will offer fresh produce, snacks and other food items, plus an assortment of beer and wine. It will also have apparel, accessories, home essentials, personal care and beauty products. Target will give customers the ability to buy products online and pick them up in store.

I have to say that I’m thrilled that Ivy City is becoming such a popular place. I’m excited about more restaurants and this Cidery which will open in spring.

So now will someone just work at bringing all of these cool shops to Tuxedo Rd?!


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