Welcome Chick-fil-a and Trader Joe’s!

Chick-Fil-A Shops at Dakota Crossing

I remember not too long ago when the only grocery store option nearby was a run down Giant. Anyone with me? And I still decided to move to Cheverly ūüėČ Now we have an awesome Aldi (my personal fav), a Costco, Wegmans, Mom’s Organic Market, Yes Market, Whole Foods in Riverdale and now a Trader Joes at Union Market- a mere 5 mile drive.¬†https://wtop.com/business-finance/2018/03/trader-joes-opens-union-market-store-march-30/

Chick-fil-a is also coming soon, a 2 mile drive away in the same area as the DC Costco. It boasts of outdoor seating and a drive thru.¬†The owners of the complex filed an application with the Board of Zoning Adjustments Tuesday to build¬†a 5K¬†SF Chick-fil-A with 110 indoor seats, 26 outdoor seats and a drive-thru. The restaurant will be built on the¬†southeast corner of the Lowe’s¬†building parcel,¬†just west of the¬†the entrance from New York Avenue.¬†

Yeah for all these great options!! And for what its worth, my new fav place to eat is on H St, The Fancy Radish. They are a vegan restaurant that opened last month.

Have a great week. Let’s hope for some more warm weather…

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