My Latest Obsessions (that have everything to do with food and nothing to do with Cheverly)

Our neighborhood is amazing but I’ve found some food obsessions as of late that I thought I’d share about today.

I have celiac and I’m also dairy free so finding places to eat out can be challenging. The past month there have been two new restaurant openings in our area that I am obsessed with. One is Burtons Grill which is located in Riverdale by the Whole Foods. I was tipped off about it by someone from Cheverly and it did not disappoint. They have an entire gluten free menu. They also have food labeled Paleo, a Kids be choosy menu and other amazing options.

Image result for burtons grill

Image result for burtons grill

The second restaurant that I’m raving about is Fancy Radish. It’s an amazing high end dining experience with fancy veggies that won’t disappoint. Located on H St. When you go ask for the flavors of the ice cream which included buttered popcorn when I went.

Image result for fancy radish

The other huge thing that I’m obsessed with is the Instant Pot. I love making bone broth and I’ve been using bones from a new meat market which is less than a mile down the road from our little town. They don’t have a website- but the name is Farmers Meat Market and the address is 5502 Landover Road. Get the turkey necks and put it in your instant pot with some carrots, celery, tomato paste, onions and garlic. This is what all of the New Yorkers eat and spend all their money on. You can thank me later…

And lastly, who is using InstaCart?? I am. YES! I think it is going to change my life. So I’m in class all weekend and have no time to run to the grocery store. I thought I’d try this out and I’m so glad I did! For 150 a year (that’s around 12 a month) you can have groceries delivered to your door in less than 2 hours. We are talking groceries from Costco, Wegmans, Safeway, Giant, Whole Foods and more. (not aldi though :() If you purchase more than $35 worth of groceries you don’t have to pay a fee for delivery. If you are already using this service, can you please comment and let me know what you think…

And finally, I’d love to hear from you. What are your latest food obsessions that are near our neighborhood??


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  1. Christiane says:

    Thanks for this review! I, too, have celiac and am dairy free (and corn, soy, and chicken egg-free too). I’d been wondering about Burton’s, but there weren’t a lot of reviews of it by fellow celiacs yet, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try. Good to know!

    1. lisawink says:

      The food really was good and well prepared. Hope you can try it!

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