Cheverly Day 2018!



Cheverly East vs West! This is one of the most fun days of the year. I’m talking about Cheverly Day…and if you are new to town, you must stick around on May 19th for all the activities. On Cheverly Day every year the men (and women are invited too…but I didn’t see any women playing last year. Come on ladies!) play a east vs west baseball game. And every year we have so few people watching cheering them on…except Jen Butler who always makes a poster 🙂


I love it!! You know, I’m not sure what time this game is happening on the 19th but I will let you know more when I get the details.

What is Cheverly Day you ask? A day to celebrate our wonderful town. Here are some pics from last year:


There is a lot going on for the kids, but trust me, there are fun things for the adults! The St. Ambrose Men’s Club has a beirgarden and there are fireworks, music, food and more! Again, more details will be forthcoming, but definitely plan to save the date. What is your favorite Cheverly Day activity? Share below…

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  1. Elizabeth Heyerdahl says:

    My favorite memories of Cheverly Day were the trolley, the parade, the beer garden, and the fireworks at Town Park! Love that the tradition lives on!

    1. lisawink says:

      Thanks for commenting, Elizabeth! I think my children will grow up having wonderful memories like yours.

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