My Advice To New Residents


Cheverly is a neighborhood that prides itself on community. But what if you just moved here? Or what if you have little to no connection with your neighbors? My advice for new residents is to join a club or group in town and meet someone new. People who live in Cheverly are friendly and always welcoming to newcomers. Take Tuesday night for example… A girl in town named Laura sent out an email about having Taco Tuesday at the pool. She provided most of the food while others contributed something smaller. We all ate pot luck style and it saved me from having to dirty up my kitchen. Double bonus was that I was able to share a meal with friends. (oh…and movie night at the pool is tomorrow- along with Aqua Zumba)


If you are new to town, my first piece of advice is to sign up for the pool: The waiting list is long but Cheverly residents can get weekday passes to use–just another reason to move to Cheverly.

There are a number of exercise groups taking place in Cheverly. We have Bozwell Fitness that meets in the mornings from 6-7am. Greenleaf fitness has a huge number of classes going that meet in the morning, on the weekend and at night. Check out more info here: We also have a number of yoga instructors in town. One person is doing backyard yoga at her house on Sat mornings:

BackyardYogaFlyerAnd another resident is having yoga at the new DC Cidery just a couple miles away:


There is a group that helps clean up the walking trail in town that meets for a work day every first Sat of the month. The name of the group is Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek. There is Progressive Cheverly, The Cheverly Community Market who would absolutely love volunteers on market days. There is also a parents group called CPRC. CPRC hosts playdates a couple times a week and now even on weekends.

There are so many other groups- countless ones that I’m not mentioning–but these are a few that will get you started. Join today. Reach out and get to know someone. And welcome to Cheverly!




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