Cheverly Community Market and Yoga?!



Cheverly Community Market board keeps surprising me. (in a good way) They are one of the only groups in Cheverly that has a beautiful website and they are on social media. Wow!! I’m so thankful for their presence on social media because it is 2018 and people do use social media. I love our town but one department that we are lacking in is promoting our community. So I give a two thumbs up to the Market board. Thank you for all you do! And thank you for continuing to up your game as you bring in more cool ideas to an already cool market. Starting this Saturday, the Cheverly Community Market along with Kelly from Wildflower Yoga will be having a FREE yoga session in the town gym. That’s right, a free yoga work out for all of us. Bravo!! It will run from 9:30-10:15 and you won’t want to miss it. A huge thanks to Kelly. This is what makes our community so special- people volunteering their time to serve others! Now for those of you who use Instagram and Facebook, please follow the Market and remember my hashtag: #ichoosecheverly


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