Shop Local: Tanglewood Works, Community Forklift, Salvation Army Thrift

Just moved to Cheverly? Wondering where to shop to find unique pieces for your home? Not afraid of upcycled pieces or thrift store gems? Confession: I rarely shop online or at retail stores. I can find so many one of a kind clothes/furniture nearby Cheverly and it makes me so happy. Last week I was getting ready to purchase a 3,000 outdoor patio table for my backyard when I drove by the Salvation Army thrift store on Kenilworth Ave and alas, my table was out front. Not only did I get a 10% discount, I had a paid a mere $50 delivery fee from a man who lives in Cheverly and does deliveries from the store!

Move on down the road on Kenilworth and take a left and you will find Community Forklift. It’s a must see for all Cheverly residents. It’s hard to describe this place. They have odds and ends from homes that have been gutted or things that people have dropped off. I’ve bought some beautiful furniture pieces from the store as well as a vintage chandelier. Skip Home Depot and go here for your fixtures.

Head into Hyattsville after you visit Forklift and you will find Tanglewood Works. Tanglewood Works was located at Community Forklift but now has a larger store right off of Route 1.

otanglewood workstanglewood

Inside you will find upcycled pieces, jewelry, homemade candles that I buy and many other beautiful pieces for your home. Tanglewood Works also has online (free) classes and classes they offer in their store. I know a number of Cheverly residents who frequent this store and find beautiful hidden gems. Support these local businesses and encourage your neighbors and friends to shop local!

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