Cheverly is a Busy Town


boardgamesforadults-2x1-7452Cheverly is a busy town. It might seem sleepy at first glance (and yes I’ve heard this term used for our neighborhood) but trust me, there is an activity for everyone. And the best news…you don’t have to leave the neighborhood to attend any of these! Can you tell that I’m so done with traffic?! Did you know that every 4th Thursday night of the month is GAME NIGHT at the Cheverly Legion? Here is how they advertise it, “Old school board games, new style strategy games, a rousing battle of Battleship if that’s your passion. Come relax, grab a drink and support the Legion by bringing your own game or jumping in and learning something new. Some past games include Carcassone, Smash-Up, Santorini, Inis, and Dominion.” (I’ve never heard of any of these J) So this is how things work in Cheverly. You have an idea? You can make it happen. Game night started all because one of my friends in Cheverly loves games… I hope that all of the new residents who love games can head on over and meet some new friends.


If you are around this weekend and a member at the pool, we have Aqua Zumba on Friday night at 7 and volleyball at 4 on Saturday. Saturday morning also boasts of a wonderful way to get to know your neighbors. You can volunteer your time making our walking trail (see above from the winter) in Cheverly walkable with the Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek. The group meets from 9-12 once a month. Here is some more info: We will meet at Magruder Spring (just below the Cheverly Ave bus stop that is a half block north of the Cheverly 7-11) and will work on a very fun project:  preparing the garden area around the Spring to meet Bay Wise environmental criteria.  Tools, gloves, snacks and water will be provided.  School community service hours are available, and all ages are welcome.  For more information, call Gabe Horchler on his cell–301-789-8086.

Don’t forget about free community Yoga at the town gym on Saturday morning at 9am and the Cheverly Community Market is open as well. Rain: please hold off!

I really feel grateful for our community. I use the walking trail so I have felt a little guilty that I haven’t helped at one of the working events yet…but I plan to sometime this year. Think of it as a family event and go for an hour! And thank you to all the volunteers to make all these events happen.

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