Welcome to Cheverly, At Yolk

At the moment, Lefebure’s focus is on Design Army’s new creative space under construction across the border in Maryland. Jake snapped up the cavernous space, perched on a hill overlooking a highway, before it went on the market—it’s down the road from the storage unit where he tinkers with motorcycles on the weekends. The tire-churned dirt courtyard is about as serene as a construction site can get—like Gatsby’s house before all the guests arrive. Lefebure envisions a glittering future of photo shoots, TEDx events, dance performances, test kitchen dinners, and free painting classes for students on the weekends. There are dressing rooms for models and dancers in an upstairs balcony, a workshop, and garage doors so cars can drive in for commercials. Lefebure is calling it At Yolk after the rich core of an egg, the genesis of creation.


So get this! Design Army took a huge risk and bought a property on Tuxedo Road. Haven’t heard of Design Army? Well, let me explain. Jake and Pam Lefebure run a creative ad agency on H St. called Design Army. Here is Pam Lefebure’s bio:

Pum Lefebure is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Design Army in Washington, D.C. With an entrepreneurial edge, the Thailand native brings global sensibility to American design. Through distinctive creative direction, she dreams up high-profile campaigns for clients such as the Academy Awards, Bloomingdale’s, The Ritz Carlton and Pepsi. Her creative brilliance sets the agency apart, driving their reputation as leading industry trendsetters.

From Copenhagen to Beijing, Pum speaks and judges design competitions internationally. She uses her entrepreneurial voice to represent women in global campaigns, such as H&M’s She’s A Lady. She’s also been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Elle and recently named Adweek’s Creative100.

This couple is creatively amazing and now they have bought a building on Tuxedo Road–a dream of mine for a long time. They call it At Yolk. Like them on Instagram and let’s all get involved! Cheers to the Lefebure’s who took a risk on Tuxedo. Welcome to Cheverly!

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  1. Aimee says:

    I’m SO excited that At Yolk is now open! Would be amazing to have a future event there — perhaps an open house for the community, a pop up of the next Cheverly Community Market, or a Cheverly Makers Faire? (Or all three over a few months!) Also, I’m convinced we need to proactively brand this area — Tuxedo District? Cheverly Warehouse District?

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