So Many Items…So Little Time


Hello readers. It’s me, the blogger who never blogs. Life (as in my job, children, home and graduate level school) has me crazy busy. I was so sad about the Halloween parade being cancelled as it is one of my favorite Cheverly traditions and then I completely forgot about the Haunted Hike!!! I’m losing my mind. So here’s the deal. If you live in Cheverly you have to learn to say no. Why? Because if you don’t, you could be busy every night of every weekend. That’s the truth. The possibilities are endless. I want to mention a number of great opportunities coming up both this weekend and in the next couple of months. Besides that info, I need to introduce you to Paola, my new friend:


She is an Esthetician who lives AND works in Cheverly. Her office in the downstairs of her home is clean and lovely and she knows what she is doing!! I’m getting my third facial on Friday morning. (yeah!)

I’ve decided since I am aging quickly, I need a little help. On Friday she will be doing microdermabrasion on me. If you are looking for someone to help with your skin, call or text her at 301-806-3688 and tell her Lisa sent you 🙂

Besides facials, I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to participate in a Healthy Habits 8 week challenge with Greenleaf Fitness. We have our own Facebook page to chat with one another and hold one another accountable to drink more water, eat fruit and veggies, work out etc. I’m participating with a ton of new friends that I’ve met from my Rise and Shine fitness class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6-7 at Cheverly United Methodist. Don’t know about Greenleaf Fitness? You should. Check out their webpage and join our group. We have a ton of fun (and laughter) while building our muscles. The owner of Greenleaf Fitness has allowed me to give a Bible devotion at her work out group on Sunday mornings from 8-8:45. You can sign up online.

So what is happening this weekend? I’m glad you asked. The American Legion here in Cheverly is opening their doors for a fundraiser for the local elementary school. Starting at 8, come dressed up for Halloween and prepare to dance. It is called the Haunting for Cheverly Hills Halloween Party. Ha! Here is the info: this Sat night from 8-11, raffle, drinks, snacks. Buy your ticket here:

The fun never ends. Have you heard that the local children’s nursery school program, Cheverly Weekday Nursery is hosting another Holiday Home Tour? I’m so excited. You can get your tickets online or find more information on their webpage: I will be sure to send out more info in the months to come.

And last but not least… Cheverly’s real estate market is booming!! Boom boom. I will post more about that soon but wanted to share the news since I’m real estate obsessed.

Happy Halloween! I hope to see you out on Wednesday night!


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