Need Help Managing Stress? Tired of Getting Colds All Winter?

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Trying to stay healthy this winter? A friend of mine and Cheverly resident is having her mother, who is a natural herbalist, teach classes on how to make natural remedies!! Whoa! All the classes will be held at Cheverly United Methodist so come on, come all. Feel free to read more info on the process and RSVP on the links below…

When I was growing up in western Oregon, my mom treated my sniffles with an echinacea tincture. Minor injuries were treated with compresses and poultices infused with plants and roots she could glean in the forests near our home. Trouble sleeping? When I was older, she’d offer a tincture made from skullcap.

I wondered why I couldn’t just get a capful of neon pink medicine like other kids.

As an adult, I’m thankful that my mom gave me natural remedies when she could. I don’t avoid doctors and hospitals when necessary, but it’s helpful to know how to make a simple elderberry syrup that my daughters love to use to make tea when they’re under the weather. If I have a scratchy throat and don’t have a supply of my mom’s echinacea tincture on hand, I know which brands to look for at my local organic market so that whatever I take will be effective.

Now, my mom, Debbie Schaffner, is a practicing traditional herbalist in Oregon, where she works with birth clinics to help pregnant women and their families find the right natural remedies to meet their needs. She continues working with families even after babies are born, and offers classes, open to anyone, where she teaches herbalism.

Debbie is offering three classes here in Cheverly, at the United Methodist Church!

Thurs., Feb. 28, 7 – 9 p.m.: Herbs for Cold and Flu, $60

Learn to treat colds and flu with herbs, and leave with a supply of Elderberry syrup.

Sat., March 2, 12:30 – 5:30 p.m.: Basic Herbalism, $100

Learn the basics of herbalism, including a foundation for ongoing study and how to find long-term herbal solutions for yourself or your family. You will leave with herbal medicine to use at home.

Sun., March 3, 2 – 4 p.m.: Herbs for Stress, $60

Learn to use herbs to manage stress, including how to select the best remedy for your specific situation. You will leave with a supply of herbal medicine to use at home.

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