Lovely Home on Forest Listed for 585K


Hello hello. Another great house is up for grabs. Now I have a few things to say to the seller including “Who staged this house?” and “Why are the pictures online so unprofessional?” but because I’ve been in this house and seen it with my own eyes, I can recommend it. The long time owner of this home on Forest Ave left Cheverly a year ago and I was obsessed with this home. I love the front porch and the third floor, pictured above. The house has been flipped and is now up for sale for 585K. This might sound high but considering homes in Cheverly are selling for 550 and above, this is sure to go fast. So spread the word. This is a house you will want to see!

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  1. Luanne Smith says:

    For Susie Barb:
    i am not on Facebook, but it is the Redmiles abode. Joe and Mary lived there many years — not sure if it is the house Mary grew up in though. Looks nice now, but I cannot imagine it going for 585K – seems high, I hope they get it.

    1. Suzanne Barb says:

      Glen Redmiles certainly grew up there. He used to date Candy Steven’s here on Hawthorne St., for many years. I hear through the Cheverly page (closed group of those that grew up here in the 5-60- and mostly 70’s) that at some point he was a girls softball coach at PGCC. Cheverly always was the diamond in the rough, even in our heyday. Went through a tough time and has made a huge resurgence as the “Come Back Kid” of late. Glad too see it. Hope this house goes to bidding wars.

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