Housing Prices Skyrocket in the DMV ‘Villages’


What do all these homes have in common? They have all sold over the past 2 months for over 400 and half of them over 500K… Cheverly has moved into a new market and it’s about time.

People are finally figuring out that Cheverly is a GEM in the DMV region. I’m going to start calling it the “Villages” of the DMV. Yes, the DMV Villages. I joke because my parents are considering moving to the Villages in Florida and looking at the literature, it reminds me of Cheverly. They have thousands of clubs and ways to be involved in the Villages community. Tonight is game night at the Cheverly American Legion–we had the sweetheart ball last month–Casino night at St. Ambrose–Shrove Tuesday pancake supper coming up at Cheverly United Methodist Church–Friday nights at the Legion–Greenleaf Fitness classes–Bozwell Fitness–Wildflower Yoga–a volleyball club–Girl Scouts–Boy Scouts–Garden Clubs–and so much coming up including my favorite, The Cheverly Prom~! You name it, Cheverly has it. If they don’t have a club for you, invent it. So call us the DMV Villages and have a wonderful Thursday 🙂

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