Politics in Cheverly?!?



Have you all seen the signs everywhere in town? Did you know we are having a town election coming up in May? Yes, oh yes. Cheverly is in the throws of election season. Meet Laila and Beth–two women running for mayor. I’m so middle of the road when it comes to politics and I am the classic middle child (peacemaker) so I’m not going to endorse anyone on I Choose Cheverly. I will let you know that both of these lovely ladies have websites up and are eager to tell you why they are running. I just want to say a huge thank you to all those serving on Town Council and running for office serving our community. We are all so grateful. I’d encourage all of us to take the time to look at their websites so we can make informed decisions. http://electbethmackenzie.com/ and https://lailaforcheverly.com/

Two other real estate items while I’m thinking about it! Two homes are coming up on the market real soon. One is around the corner from me on Forest Rd and Cheverly Ave. It should be listed on March 11:


And this one on Wayne Place which has 5 bedrooms and 3 1/2 bath:



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