Real Estate Update- Chipotle, Chick fil A and Starbucks

Last weekend we had a number of open houses. I went by and checked out the action and followed up with the owners/realtors. I should mention that no one pays me to do this, I am simply a real estate/home fanatic and if I didn’t love my job so much, I’d be a realtor. Both of these homes got multiple offers, one got 9 offers and sold for 100K more than the listing price. One of these homes is close to mine so not only did I head over for the open house, I watched the traffic all weekend long. Most of people are from DC and they were there all hours of the day–morning, noon and night. And why not? Listed at 400 and 450, these homes were a steal. Think about what you would get in DC for the same prices? Not much. Not much. Condos maybe with high fees?

What does this tell me? Again, if you are thinking of selling your Cheverly home, do something with it. Update something. You will make the $$ back.

On another note, we are getting a drive thru Starbucks by Walmart. Praise God! And Chipotle and Chick-fil-A is going in near the DC Costco. Hallelujah. I bought in Cheverly when we only had a local messy Giant.

Last but not least save the date for Cheverly Day, the best day in our town. MAY 18. You won’t want to miss it.


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  1. Ted says:

    There’s also supposedly a new bakery/coffee shop going in across the street from the Walgreens by Aldi

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