I Still Choose Cheverly (Even after a break in)

Good morning, neighbors. I don’t share a lot of personal information on this blog but thought it appropriate to share this story. Last Thursday night, May 9th, someone came into my home unannounced while my husband was out of town and while I was home alone with my two young sons. It was approximately 8:20 pm when I was in my bedroom on my iPad with my online seminary class when I heard my front door open. Our front door is fairly loud and I recognized the sound right away. Because I live next to dear friends with kids that are my kids age, we have people coming in and out of my house more often than not…but not at 8:20 when the kids are in bed. I got up from my bed with my iPad in hand (so my class could hear everything that happened) and walked down the hallway to the stairs. I heard someone coming up the stairs and once I reached the stairs I saw a man standing there. I asked “What are you doing?” and he took another step toward me. My son’s room was right behind where I was standing so I screamed at the top of my lungs, “Get out of my house!!!” Thankfully he turned around and went back down the stairs. His lanyard got stuck on my door knob while trying to leave so I asked him again, “What are you doing?” and he stated, “I wanted to bless your house!” I followed him outside the house and yelled for my neighbors by name for help. He walked fast up Cheverly Ave- not toward the Metro but toward 202. (My house is on Cheverly Ave and the door was unlocked, lights were on and windows open) I stayed some distance behind him but close enough to keep my eye on him until the police were to arrive. I screamed the entire way up Cheverly Ave from Forest Rd. to a little past Inwood St. (with bare feet nonetheless) I passed a number of cars on Cheverly Ave. and I passed a woman with her dog and a male jogger and another lady outside her home. One of the people pointed their finger at me and told me to stop yelling, the jogger ran by me even though he took his ear bud out to hear what I was saying and the other people just stared. There was a lovely lady named ______ who was in her car across the street from me near Legion Park. Her daughter heard me scream so they drove their car to me to ask what was happening. I told them to follow the guy and they did, thankfully. Besides __________, no one else helped until I got to Inwood Street. Upon arriving at Inwood, a female friend that I know who happened to be at a friend’s house came out—as did _______ who saved the day. I yelled for ________ because I knew where he lived. He ran after the intruder and by that time, the Cheverly Police came racing up Cheverly Ave and arrested him.

The Cheverly Police were amazing, as were _____ and her teenage daughter and ______and _________  who came outside to help. I’m still a bit shocked that I had numerous people drive past me or just stare at me or run off when they saw me. For me, this was as disturbing as the break in. I still do believe Cheverly is the safest area to live. I still choose Cheverly and I’m so grateful that this is such a rare occurrence in our town. I’ve lived in Cheverly for 15 years and I have only heard one other story of this same thing happening—where someone came in and went upstairs while someone was home. This is a good reminder to lock doors especially now that the weather is getting warm.

The biggest thing I want to share is this: please help your neighbors in need. If you see someone yelling for help, stop and ask them for help.

Now two things that are redeeming—a neighbor who I’ve never met came over on Sunday and gave me a gift certificate. It was so lovely and kind and thoughtful. So many people have sent emails, texts and a number of people came over that evening. My neighbors also stayed with my kids and kept them calm. Second, Donna, the lady who helped me in her car and followed the man up Cheverly Ave just happened to come to my work Bible study in the Senate Hart building the next day. I got up to share my story and there was Donna, the lady who had helped me the night before. For me, as a Christian, it was a beautiful reminder of God’s love for me and His care through His children. I’m at peace and resting in my faith. Thank you, Cheverly for being such a great place to live. I still choose you a million times over.

sofa chair beside window
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sue A Horning says:

    So happy you and your children are safe.

    1. lisawink says:

      Thank you, Sue!

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