585, 553 SOLD! Cheverly Day Pictures and More


Friends, let me give you a bit of an update on real estate in our area. If you plan to list your home in the next year, take my advice–invest into your home. Update the kitchen. Put in a new bathroom. Hire an interior decorator to help. You will make money! The home above went for 585! And the second house with the red door sold for 553! Both had put time and effort into their backyard. The above home was painted gray (isn’t it a beautiful color?) and both had inside work done to their basements including a new bath in the home with the red door.

Now, the summer is here (kind of) and the Cheverly Pool and Racquet Club is open! If you are new to town, don’t wait one more minute to get your name on the yearSSSSS long waiting list. www.cheverlypool.com Residents of Cheverly can buy weekday passes–let that be an incentive for people to move here. The club is amazing and I spent almost the entire day there yesterday grilling and chatting with friends.

Wasn’t Cheverly Day wonderful? I wasn’t able to take many pictures, but I did get a few. Enjoy!


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