Kitchen Reno: Before and After



After 13 weeks, my kitchen is almost done. Hallelujah! In the spirit of updating our Cheverly homes, I thought I’d share how mine turned out. When we moved into our current Cheverly home, it didn’t have a kitchen. It was a HUD owned property and we were told that we would have to put 80K (at a minimum) into it. Because I knew we had so many things in the house to fix, I went with the cheapest fixtures, cabinets etc. We had to update 2 bathrooms, 2 a/c units, an entire mold filled basement, part of our roof, new windows and so much more. My thought at the time was that we just wanted to get into the house–and again, it made me go with the cheapest kitchen available. I purchased the lowest line of cabinets we could get along with the cheapest countertops. Unfortunately that kitchen (which is pictured above) fell apart fast. I hadn’t taken the advice from my realtor which was “don’t skimp on the kitchen”. Because we knew this would be our lifelong home in Cheverly, we made the decision to put in a kitchen that would last many many years. I hired an interior decorator, Samantha Nobles of Samantha Nobles Interiors and 13 weeks later, here is what we came up with. I love color and was inspired to go green with brass fixtures and quartz countertops. Even if you are cash strapped right now, simply changing cabinet fixtures goes a long way. Next project to tackle: the bathroom 🙂 Hope you enjoy and/or are inspired. #ilovecheverlyhomes


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