Sunday March 15, COVID journal Day 1

Hello dear friends and neighbors. I just spent some time reading a blog from a beautiful soul that lives in Sicily. She is blogging about her experience being quarantined. I found myself feeling connected to her as I was reading her posts and decided that I’d use my time at home to do some blogging. I trust it will help me to feel connected to you all.

What a new reality we are living in! Although my husband was sounding the alarm for the last few weeks, I still have a hard time believing that we are here… and that the worst is yet to come. I have all the feels. Yesterday was a good day. I felt somewhat relieved that we have no obligations–no baseball practices–no running around like normal. BUT the night before my heart was racing before my head hit my pillow. Today because of the rain and clouds I feel a little depressed. I’m all over the place. Our family is choosing to self quarantine for the sake of ourselves and others. It is one way we can love our neighbors as ourselves.

I’m a Christ follower. At 15 I had a St. Paul on the road to Damascus conversion experience and it drastically changed my life. At the age of 21 I decided to take the semester off of school with 3 other girlfriends to attend an 8 week spring Bible school program in Austria. We backpacked around Europe for a month before landing at school. It was a blast! Long story short, I ended up returning back to America at the age of 28 and moved to Cheverly when I was 30, I think. That was 15 years ago! I’m an extrovert by nature, love to laugh, always up for an adventure, love people of all faiths and backgrounds, I don’t self identify as a Republican or Democrat, and I love community which is why I love Cheverly.

I feel strange being this candid on my own blog. If you’ve been a reader for a long time, you know I don’t feel comfortable sharing things about my own life. That has to change in order to do some blogging from home. I want you to feel connected to me and I want to feel connected to you. I’m blogging so I can stay sane and hopefully this will encourage someone.

I’d absolutely love to post posts about you and what you are doing at your home in Cheverly to stay sane. Please submit posts and or pictures to me on my gmail-

Now that was a long introduction.

Plans for today? Stay home. Hunker down, fight discouraging thoughts about how long I might be here, pray and worship. We will also watch church online and plan to have a Zoom session with others in Cheverly tonight to pray together for our community. My family is self quarantined. Thankfully my husband can work from home and of course my schedule depends on the Senate. My two boys have been home since Thursday. I am NOT a homeschooler so I’m a little freaked out about how this will go but I need to pull myself together for my family. The boys have lesson plans from their teachers and we have a schedule which includes saying the Pledge of Allegiance and having gym. (ha) I’m grateful for the Cheverly trail and that we live so close to the Arboretum. We are trying to keep them as connected to their lives before COVID 19 trusting that this will bring them some peace.

One last item for today before I sign off. I feel terrible for my friends who don’t know their neighbors, who are truly alone in their homes. I’m so thankful for Cheverly and that we are truly a community. I went walking last night and was able to yell at some friends to say hello from a distance. It is comforting to me. I’m so so grateful that I’m in this journey with you…

I’m signing off with a picture I took last night on my walk. One blessing of staying at home is that we will have the opportunity to clean up like this person did. My goal is to have as many bags as this by next week-




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