Monday March 16: COVID Journal Day 2

Hello neighbors! How did everyone do today? I’d love for you to comment here or on Facebook.

I got out of Cheverly today. I was actually in DC, Virginia and West Virginia all by 8:30am. Amazing how that works! My parents just sold their log home in WV so I drove out early to get an entire car load full of ‘stuff’. (which makes me want to throw out all of my stuff!) I collected the goods, took a long hard look at the place where I’ve made monumental memories and said bye to my parents. The original plans were for me to go there with my husband and kids so we could all say bye but I didn’t want to take the risk. I launched into how my parents should wear gloves while pumping gas and how they should not even drink the coffee from McDonalds. (dad loves the McDonalds senior special for coffee) And right before I left I had to hold it together because they are in the high risk group. Thoughts went through my mind like, what would happen if they went to the hospital and I couldn’t be with them? I never thought this would even be a thought I’d ever ever have. But that IS what is happening around the world and it is heartbreaking.


I work in the Senate so I went directly from WV to work and did my best to avoid everyone and sanitize everything. My hands are so dry from washing that they are actually cracking. I make sure to wear my gloves when touching the elevator buttons and again, can’t believe that I’m in this situation. Feels sometimes like I’m in a dream.

Husband homeschooled while working and not sure how that all worked out. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d have to homeschool. I’m learning again and again to be thankful in all circumstances. We have a home, we have cable, we have great neighbors that we can talk to through fences and windows etc.

I’m fighting my natural inclination to watch CNN 24/7. I feel so much better mentally when I forgo the news…but it is so hard. I want to know all the breaking news. And today our Gov came out to say that restaurants will close, movies will close and so much more. I’m enjoying my walks outside but I wonder if those will have to end in a matter of days.

One thing that changed for me today was that I made the decision to not have play dates, outdoor or indoors with my neighbors. Kids don’t know how to distance and with me going to work, I don’t feel it is safe. I long for ‘normal’ days. It seems to me that most people in Cheverly are finally distancing themselves but my sister told me that her friends wanted to come over for playdates this week in Colorado. I don’t think people are taking this as serious as they should.

Prayer, praise and worship music and friends are helping to keep me sane. I’m on a text chain with a number of ladies from town and they feel like family. Without God, I’d feel terribly lonely. I also wanted you to know that a group of 15 or so people met online last night to pray for our neighborhood. We have a number of nurses who work at local hospitals and NIH. We need to continue to pray for them. Because we were on zoom, I was able to see familiar faces- it was a joy.

I want to leave you with a link wrote by a Cheverly resident who is also a local therapist.

And…with this picture from my walk tonight in town-


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