Wednesday March 18, COVID Journal Day 4: Let Your Kids Live

Is anybody else out there asking, “What day is it today?” I honestly cannot keep my days straight because COVID has me totally off schedule. My family also finds ourselves asking, “Do you think I have the coronavirus?!!!” Please tell me some of you can relate!

My husband sent me this tweet today:


Of course I thought it was a bit nuts, but maybe my husband is right? He spoke with a friend about it last night. What would happen if the kids went 4 months with no structured school time? And they both came to the same conclusion–the kids would be just fine.

We have both felt a little bit depressed. I’ve thought about how I’m feeling a lot. I had a few days of therapy last year and one thing I’ve learned is that we should ‘sit with our feelings’. Meaning, if you feel sad, feel sad. Don’t push it away. Acknowledge it. Embrace it. And that’s what I’m trying to do.

There are a couple things happening in our town. At 6pm every night people are supposed to come out their front doors to cheer for our doctors and nurses. Apparently an entire street on the east side of Cheverly did it. How about we try? I’ll see you on your front porch steps tomorrow night. Sleep well everyone.

PS- Will try to leave you with some positive thoughts at the end of each post.

-I’m thankful for the trail in town. I feel so peaceful when I walk on that trail.

-I’m thankful to see and hear my neighbors playing outside.

-I’m thankful that this whole COVID thing happened at the end of winter, rather than the beginning.

-I’m ever so grateful that the weather has been amazing and that the trees are blooming.

-I’m incredibly grateful that Cheverly has only had one known case of COVID 19.

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