Serving Cheverly Town Staff

Hello all! What a beautiful, beautiful day. I saw so many people out walking! Cheverly is so beautiful in spring and I’m grateful that the quarantine is happening now and not in winter. We ate outside as a family and so did our neighbors. It actually felt somewhat like a party. I wanted to share a message from one of our Cheverly neighbors who is spearheading an effort to show love to our town staff. Her message is below! Hope some of us can help:


Our Cheverly town staff is working hard for us through this crisis so let’s give back and show them some love by treating them to lunch. The idea is various individuals or groups in town each pick a day to purchase and deliver lunch for the Cheverly town staff (public works, police department and town staff). There are slots available for Mondays through Wednesdays through the end of April but if they fill up, we can also add Thursdays and Fridays. Please note I am organizing a schedule only. Those who sign up will be responsible for purchasing and coordinating delivery of the meals on their chosen date. The meals should be individually packaged rather than family-style (i.e. individual calzones rather than a whole pizza or ask the restaurant if they can put two slices into 16 different boxes) so that staff members can minimize contact via the sharing of food. You may order from any restaurant you wish but no home cooked meals please. This is also a great opportunity to patronize our local businesses like Franklins, Three Brothers, Dat Jerk, Bus Boys and Poets, Taco Rico, Landover Carryout, Elevation Burger, Rincon Escondido, restaurants at Savor Food Hall, etc.

If you want to participate:

1. Sign up for a date:

2. Choose a restaurant to purchase the meals from

3. Reach out to friends or groups you are involved in to help split the cost

Then, on your chosen date:

1. Reach out to the restaurant to order and pay for the meals (or you may want to reach out the day before to ensure they can accommodate the order)

2. Either have the restaurant deliver if that is an option, or have a volunteer from your group pick up the meals and deliver them to the community center (while following social distancing guidelines)

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