Monday March 30: COVID Journal week 2; MD on lockdown

Well here we go neighbors! This lockdown just got real. Honestly my family has been locked down for a couple weeks now but now it is mandatory for everyone. And it should be! I *think* I’m okay right now but that seems to change hourly. Life seems like a dream— a dream that I’m unable to wake up from. We can make it, one day at a time. I’m just so grateful that the weather is so beautiful and that when I’m taking my walks around town, I actually see people I know. I just feel the need to praise God for backyards. I could not imagine living in a row house in Capitol Hill right now. Nope. Not in a hot minute. If I’m going to be quarantined, I want a backyard with neighbors who I call friends. And that should be one huge I Choose Cheverly post. Move to Cheverly because we have backyards! Ha. Here is a glimpse of some of my backyard moments:

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