Tuesday April 14: COVID Journal Week 5

Week 5 already? Could that be true? Cheverly neighbors- You all have brought so much joy to me. It is beautiful to see and hear about people coming together to serve and love others during these difficult days. Even though I’m an extrovert, I’ve felt very introverted lately. Maybe it is the forced seclusion? I don’t know. Whatever is happening is changing all of us. Some recent highlights:

-Free pizzas from Pizza Paradiso in Hyattsville last week–and driving my by boys school (and holding back tears from missing it so much- I even snatched a picture)

– Teaching my almost 8 year old how to ride a bike. Now here is an example of one way in which this COVID thing has been a blessing- TIME with my boys. Now we are riding daily. Watch out Cheverly! (seriously ;))

-Staining my deck and having time to clean up my yard.

-Daily walks around town and just loving the Cheverly trail!

Now Cheverly has been very creative AND giving during these rough weeks. There are free zoom classes for exercise groups in town, book reading time for kids sponsored by the Cheverly Parent Resource Center, yoga, and even the Cheverly Easter bunny paid a visit to all the kids in town.


Isn’t this amazing? Our lovely community is such a small town. I couldn’t be more grateful to live here.


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