Lego Cheverly Creation Contest

Hello readers! If you have children and you are anything like me, I’m starting to go nuts. I made a Target run the other day to buy a lego set for my boys (to keep them busy) but they are sooo expensive that I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Instead I opted for some books, rummikub, coloring books (for me) and that was it.

I’ve decided to host a contest to keep my boys busy–a lego contest. This is not just any lego contest, it is a I Choose Cheverly lego contest meaning the lego creation has to feature something in Cheverly. How about the Town Hall, Police Station, Town Park, Cheese Park, Cheverly Pool, one of the many homes, the Cheverly sign… If it is in Cheverly, it’s fair game. Here are more specifics:

Age: 6-12 year olds can enter

Picture of lego creation is due by THIS Friday at noon. Send to me:

Creation has to be mainly legos but can include other items like cardboard and the like. The more creative the better!

1st place winner wins $50, 2nd place wins $25 and 3rd place $25.  All creations will be featured on my blog!

No need for a formal entry, just make sure to send me pictures by Friday! Lego away!

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