Bike Riding! May 19: Covid Journal Week 10

Week 10. I have no words. Some days I’m great–other days I feel down. I have missed the Cheverly events and my Cheverly friends dearly. Last weekend was beautiful and it was supposed to be Cheverly Day. Next year is a parade year and hopefully by then we can all celebrate our community together.

My faith, family and friends have been helping me get through this. I also have my weekly visits to Mom’s Organic off of NY Ave to buy some guilty pleasures- they rarely have anyone inside the store and my new fav 100 calorie item is:

See the source image

Besides that, my obsession is BIKING. And that is what I plan to write about on this post. First of all, I have biked in the past but it had been a while and my boys really hadn’t been on a bike in years. With the Cheverly hills, it was scary for me to teach them and bikes are expensive! Enter Darryl, Cheverly resident who fixes bikes and sells them to people like me. Darryl is amazing. He lives near cheese park (sorry, I don’t have his address) but if you walk or drive by you will see bikes outside and Darryl fixing them inside his garage. I bought my husband and 10 year old son bikes from Darryl along with a bike rack which he installed on the back of my car. The bike rack opened a whole new world for me and the family and I’ve been biking everyday, sometimes multiple times a day since.

There are many great trails a 5-10 min car ride away from Cheverly. There are also a few people who will not drive, but instead ride their bikes to Bladensburg Waterfront from Cheverly. If you are not familiar with Bladensburg Waterfront Park, check out this link: The park has a trail that runs north and south. If you take it south, you can ride all the way into DC. Going north you will meet the northeast branch trail IMG_0940

The northeast branch trail goes from Hyattsville/Bladensburg all the way to Lake Artmesia in Greenbelt. Here we are on the trail:


My second favorite area is driving to the West Hyattsville Metro to park, entering the riding trail from the parking lot and biking up the Sligo Creek trail all the way up to Takoma Park. It is so beautiful and fairly flat so an easy trail to ride.

We are having the time of our lives. Now again, these trails are mainly flat so easy to ride. Stop by Darryl’s and find a new hobby. I would love to see you on the trails!


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  1. Aimee says:

    Love this post! I was always too scared to attempt to ride my bike on the hills of Cheverly but now I’ve conquered some of our hardest hills. We just rode from Cheverly to Bladensburg waterfront and it was a little dicey in a few places but what a sense of accomplishment! There are plans for a path/trail from here to there, so I’m hoping all this new biking will increase the number of people willing to advocate to make it happen. My kids basically have free rein to bike anywhere in town which gives them an incredible sense of independence.

    1. lisawink says:

      That is so great Aimee!!

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