Safe Summer Local Adventures


Hello friends and neighbors. Yes- it has been a while. I’ve been burned out at blogging- can’t sugar coat it. There is too much going on in the world that is consuming my brain and time. I have to continue to take this pandemic ONE DAY AT A TIME. I’m not a homebody and I have two active boys. We are also a fairly cautious family so we haven’t traveled. Because of that, I’m finding new things to do in our great state. I have to or I will go crazy. Tonight I plan to share all of my summer adventures that are good for singles, couples and families with children.

A couple weeks ago some friends invited us to join them at Beverly Triton Nature Park.

This park is approx. 30-40 min from Cheverly. I’d highly recommend that you arrive around 10:30 as the parking lot is normally full by 11am. You can also arrive later in the day. A five minute drive from Beverly Triton Nature Park is Mayo Park. Mayo is a bit more sophisticated having more room for the beach, bathrooms and a playground.


If these options are too far (I hate getting in the car and driving for hours) then check out the many many bike paths that run alongside rivers/creeks. Today I went with my boys to College Park- we drove to a parking lot to get onto the Paint Branch bike trail. (see picture with star below- the lot is off of Route 1)


You can walk on this trail- or bike- and it is great for all ages. The trail is flat and shaded which makes it really nice for hot days like today. While you are on the trail, take a break to put your feet in the water. It is a great way to feel like you are away from the city and one with nature.

I have so many other fun ideas, but will leave you with these 3 ideas for now. Would love to hear your favorite local finds. Feel free to comment below or comment on Facebook. We need each other during these tough days. xoxo, Lisa

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