Want To Bike All the Way to DC (on paved trails?) I Do!

Thank you to Cheverly resident Aimee Olivio who knows local politics and who prepared this letter for us all. I started biking this summer and really would love to get a paved trail from our neighborhood to connect with the NE branch trail that goes to DC. Currently I have a bike rack and drive to Bladensburg Waterfront Park. Please take the time to read Aimee’s post and consider joining me in lobbying for a trail. Lisa

It’s hard to believe but the County is starting the budget process for Fiscal Year 2022 which will start on July 1, 2021. Traditionally the earliest budget hearings are hosted by MNCPPC and their hearings are coming up on Sept. 29 and Oct. 13. 
I know a lot of people in Cheverly “discovered” the incredible bike trails in the County during the pandemic. And a lot of people also realized that it’s pretty challenging to bike from Cheverly to Bladensburg Waterfront Park to hop on those trails.
Lucky for us, some of our neighbors have been working on this for years. I believe now is the time for us to speak up at the MNCPPC budget hearings to request funding to move forward with a safe connection from the greater Cheverly area to Bladensburg Waterfront Park.
To be frank, very few people testify at these budget hearings, so your testimony can really make a difference on the budget MNCPPC proposes to the County Executive and County Council.
The Virtual Public Hearings are Sept. 29 and October 13 at 7pm. Here’s the link to sign up to participate or to watch:

Below are some talking points for your verbal or written testimony.  

–There is no safe route for cyclists from the Greater Cheverly area to bike west to Kenilworth Avenue and from there to connect to the Anacostia River Trail, which would allow riders to take advantage of our incredible bike trails in Prince George’s County and bike north to Howard County and south into DC.

–The built environment on the west side of Cheverly nearly offers an existing connection; a trail improvement of only 200 or 300 hundred feet would allow cyclists and pedestrians to safely connect from Cheverly to the Cheverly Industrial Park and then on surface roads to Kenilworth Ave at Lydell.

— Kenilworth Ave must also be improved for bike safety. It is currently unsafe for bicyclists. It has no bike lane, cars travel at a high speed of 40 mph, and trucks use it frequently. However, currently Kenilworth Ave is the only connecting road from Cheverly to the trail. 

 –30 percent of planning has already been done by MNCPPC, and forward-funding of the remaining planning would allow the Town of Cheverly and MNCPPC to secure the easements and other land rights that would make the connection possible.

— It’s always great to add your personal story about biking and the trails, how they have offered safe refuge during the pandemic, exercise, how you’ve realized you can bike to pick up food or groceries locally, etc.

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