Pickleball- America’s Fastest Growing Sport

Pickleball at the Town Park Multi-Use Sports Courts

Did you know that pickleball is THE fastest growing sports in America? The problem with it is that if you don’t live in Florida, it is hard to find a court. In all seriousness, there are limited courts available for this ‘new’ sport. Cheverly is ahead of the class for this one. Town Park which is near the town gym has a multi-use sports court which includes 2 pickleball court lines. All you need is your own net, paddle and balls.

Why all the talk about pickleball? Last summer 3 other Cheverly couples made the decision with me to go to Florida together. We found ourselves at a condo with a pickleball court–and once our husbands started to play, they couldn’t stop. These 4 men decided they would bring pickleball back with them to Cheverly and to our surprise, there were already 2 courts!

Three cheers for pickleball. I look forward to seeing you on the court!

ps- the blog is back and we are now on insta. Check us out on Instagram at wechoosecheverly

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